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Imprison your partner to yourself – S/he won’t leave you

If you would like to imprison your partner such that they don’t leave, cast my powerful footprint spells in Italy. If your wife has begun seeing another man, tie her using this powerful love spell that works. If your husband or wife is a vagabond, stop that behavior today using these powerful footprint spells.

Some partners may not want to stay at home with you. They might start moving from place to place, taking refuge in bars and ignoring you as if you are a leper. You can ensure that a man or woman is ever by your side by casting these spells. Maybe the person is getting obsessed by a profession or job at the expense of your love relationship; make the person more committed, loving and more submissive using this powerful footprint spells.

Tie your feet together and avoid ups and downs

Are you tired of your partner’s movements Do you have a family member who has become a vagabond? Would you like to tame a partner and control their feet? My binding spells to keep someone away from your relationship and separation incense to stop your partner from running away is what you ought to cast. My footprint spells will make your husband or wife humbler, loyal and more committed to a relationship.

These spells can also be cast for cases of lunacy or vagabondism. It could be that you are a person who has never had a stable job. You keep changing one job after another. With that kind of life, you will never progress.

Cast a spell that will guarantee you acquisition of a job that will sustain you for some time. Tie your feet and that of your loved one using this powerful spell that works.

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